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PVC Clean™ Saddles


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  • Aesthetics – Standard bright white color gives the piping system an impressive clean appearance.
  • Easy to Clean – Wipe with a damp cloth to remove dirt and debris.
  • Eliminate Corrosion – Made with 100% high-quality PVC
  • Cost Savings – Compared to stainless steel saddles.
  • Completely Sealed System – Apply NSF Registered Boss® #150 Multi-Seal to nix all crevices that could collect airborne contributors to mold formation.
  • High Impact Strength – 60 Mil thickness up to 6” pipe insulation outside diameter, and 80 Mil PVC thickness for larger sizes
  • Marked by Size – Size indicator is indented into the saddle itself.
  • Chemical Resistance – Withstands extreme chemical conditions.
  • Color Options – Match your PVC jacketing color.