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Tackers and Staples

Buckaroos has been a leader in supplying quality staple guns and staples to the Industrial Insulation and HVAC Industries since 1996. Over the years Buckaroos prides itself in being able to offer a wide variety of Outward Clinching Tackers, Stapling Pliers and Hog Ring Pliers from top manufacturers like Markwell Mfg. and Bostitch.

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    Buckaroos G-26 & G-5 Tackers                            Markwell L4-CS Tacker                             Markwell L3-CS Tacker                  

 Buckaroos G-26 & G-5 Outward                               Markwell L4-CS Outward                                    Markwell L3-CS Outward           
              Clinch Tackers                                                          Clinch Tacker                                                        Clinch Tacker                         

   G-26 Parts List, G-5 Parts List

              Bostitch T6 Tacker                                      Stapling Pliers                          Hog Ring Pliers

           Bostitch T6-60C2 & T6-80C2                                     Buckaroos Full Line Of                                                Buckaroos Full Line Of
               Outward Clinch Tackers                                                 Stapling Pliers                                                               Hog Ring Pliers


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