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Pipe Insulation Saddles

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Buckaroos Roundup Pipe Insulation Saddles 

Buckaroos Roundup Saddles     It's all about safety!
  • Safety is #1. Round corners protect workers from cuts or scrapes during handling.
  • Round corner feature makes splitting Saddles easier.
  • Short-Rib feature centers saddle inside hanger. 
  • Fast and easy to install due to no sharp corners. 
  • Flared outside edges protect insulation facing.
  • Available in unique four gallon plastic buckets or boxes.
  • O.D. size stamped right into the Saddle for the popular sizes to 5.5".

Download our Roundup Saddles Product Sheet

Buckaroos White Roundup Pipe Insulation Saddles

Buckaroos White Roundup Saddles
  • Ideal for food plants or exposed piping.
  • Painted steel matches the insulation jacketing.
  • Short-Rib feature centers saddle inside hanger.
  • Specially packaged to protect the paint. 
  • Flared outside edge to protect insulation jacketing.
  • Available in durable 20 Gauge Steel.

Download our Buckaroos White Roundup Saddles Product Sheet

Buckaroos Sliding Pipe Insulation Saddles

Buckaroos Sliding Saddles
  • The engineers solution to hanger support on moving pipes.
  • Top saddle moves with the pipe during pipe movement at startup or beyond.
  • Fast and easy to install.
  • Very low material cost versus roller hangers.
  • Made from heavy gauge carbon steel (18, 16, 14 and 12 gauge).
  • Protects people and objects below from Saddles falling to the ground.

Download our Buckaroos Sliding Saddle Product Sheet

Buckaroos Flared Edge Pipe Insulation Saddles

Buckaroos Flared Edge Saddles
  • Flared edges prevent cutting into the vapor barrier and increases the structural integrity of the saddle.
  • O.D. size is marked on each saddle to simplify identification in the warehouse or on jobsites.
  • Saddles are sold in 10-piece packs for easy handling.
  • The low cost makes it economical to insulate at hanger locations

Download our Buckaroos Flared Edge Saddle Product Sheet

Stainless Steel Pipe Insulation Saddles

Buckaroos Stainless Steel Saddles
  • Ideal in food process or clean room areas to avoid rust and corrosion.
  • Available in 20 Gauge.
  • Each Saddle marked with Saddle O.D.
  • Features flared edges on most sizes.

Download our Buckaroos Stainless Steel Saddle Product Sheet

Buckaroos 58 Series Pipe Insulation Saddles

58 Series Saddles
  • Available in 18, 16, 14, and 12 Gauge, and up to 30" I.P.S.
  • Precisely manufactured 180 Degree Saddles.
  • Each Saddle marked with Insulation O.D.

Download our Buckaroos 58 Series Saddle Product Sheet

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