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"Proper mechanical support is essential for a smooth ride"

By Damien Cusick

Thermal piping systems require mechanical support in nearly every application, the lone exception being direct burial piping applications. In almost all other applications, a hanger or other support device is required to secure the pipe at its point of attachment to the structure that the piping is crossing or servicing. The methods used to support thermal piping all seek to provide structural rigidity to the system. Whether or not this comes at the expense of thermal efficiency is a critical difference between the methods. We will examine some of the more common ways of dealing with the issue of support and thermal efficiency at clevis hangers and roller support locations in thermal piping systems.


Insulated piping installed in clevis hangers in commercial applications is generally supported by a pipe insulation protection shield (also known as saddles) of dimensions sufficient to keep the insulation from being crushed .... FULL ARTICLE (DOC - 69KB)

"Pipe Insulation Supports: The Key to a Complete System"

Choosing the correct support system is integral to the long-term performance of a new pipe insulation project.

By Jeff Rebholz

In the past, simple wood block or dowel inserts were normally used with pipe insulation protection shields to support insulation at hanger locations, but things have changed.

With increasing environmental concerns, like mold and mildew problems, and a greater emphasis on green building, engineers are taking a closer look at their support systems to choose the most efficient. In addition, newer specifications call for colder piping systems for chilled water and other cold lines, which has created the need for a wider array of pipe insulation support systems than currently offered by manufacturers.


Pipe insulation supports are various forms of rigid block and pipe insulation materials used in combination with protection shields to prevent low-density pipe insulation from getting crushed at hanger locations. Proper pipe insulation supports and shields are critical for maintaining thermal performance and system integrity where the pipe insulation passes through a clevis hanger, roller, anchor, guide or strut .... FULL ARTICLE (DOC - 40KB)

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