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Mechanical Insulation

United States

NIA - National Insulation Association ( www.insulation.org)

CSIA - Central States Insulation Association ( www.csiaonline.org)

ESICA - Eastern States Insulation Contractors Association ( www.esica.org)

MICA - Midwest Insulation Contractors Association ( www.micainsulation.org)

SEICA - Southeastern Insulation Contractors Association ( www.seica.org)

SWICA - Southwestern Insulation Contractors Association ( www.swicaonline.org)

WICA - Western Insulation Contractor Association ( www.wica1.com)


TIAC - Thermal Insulation Association of Canada ( www.tiac.ca)

Pipe/Valve/Fitting Industry

United States

MCAA - Mechanical Contractors of America ( www.mcaa.org)


MCA - Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada ( www.mcac.ca)

Engineering and Architectural Building Product Information

ASHRAE - American Society of Heating, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Engineers ( www.ashrae.org)

ASPE - American Society of Plumbing Engineers ( www.aspe.org)

CSI - Construction Specification Institute ( www.csinet.org)